Classroom training satellite

Picure 1: 3D printed structure of Classroom training satellite

SchoolSat is functional nanosatellite designed for teaching spacecraft systems engineering in the classroom and laboratory. SchoolSat is based on Arduino compatible platform. Students can get an hands-on experience with programming, radio communication, sensor read and data processing. SchoolSat also has an Electrical Power System with solar panels and other traditional satellite subsystems: Structural, Electrical Power (EPS), Data Handling (DH), Communications (Comm), Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS), and Thermal subsystems.

Platform contains:

  • Arduino compatible onboard computer
  • Power system unit with LiFePo4 battery, solar panels, current measurements, etc.
  • Sensors: thermistors, accelerometer, gyroscope, earth sensor, sun sensor
  • Camera
  • 433 Mhz transceiver
  • Bluetooth connection to computer
  • Software for sensor reading and display

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