Communication Systems

The communication module (COM) is a Spacemanic flagship. Fully redundant Spacemanic UHF/S Transceiver has very good flight heritage, as it is more then one year in orbit without any restart or problem and counting. Its primary channel works at a frequency of 437.1 MHz and is used to transmit telemetric data using an AX.25 protocol. We have also developed the experimental transmission of images with a frequency of 2401 MHz at a speed up to 240 kbps. With partners from Zilina University, we have worked on progressive encoding methods using LDPC channel codes, which secures a reliable reception even at low signal to noise ratios. Communication inherently involves antennas. Spacemanic antenna module contains two dipole antennas for UHF and deployable antenna for S band.


Spacemanic engineers are currently working on new SDR based cubesat transmitter for S and X band for skCUBE-2 mission and other customers.