GNSS receivers

We were awarded by European Space Agency as Galileo Pioneers

— Jakub Kapus, CTO of Spacemanic, s.r.o.

Since 2014 we are focusing on developing and testing GNSS receivers, mainly focusing on European Galileo navigation. In 2014 we were awarder by European Space Agency (ESA) with certificate of Galileo pioneers. Only first fifty organisations around the world was capable to receive signals and gain position from first four GALILEO IOV satellites. Our company was also first one to develop first chip-based galileo receiver and use it in the car. Since then we are developing various GNSS receivers and using them for testing and for our own applications. For example high-altitude scientific balloon flights. In the future we want to test and develop transceivers for Galileo Search and Rescue navigation service and also Galileo commercial service and Public regulated service. Our company Neway Space is spin-off company from Slovak Organisation for Space Activities (SOSA). Our biggest success is First slovak satellite project called skCUBE. This made-by-us cubeast is working on orbit since june 2017.