Satellite Power System

The power supply (PSU) secures energy for the whole satellite. It gains it from solar panels, stores it in batteries and divides it into individual modules. It can detect the increased consumption of a device and adjust itself accordingly very fast. In case of a low energy situation, it can disconnect systems, which are not vital for satellite’s operation. The design of its printed circuit board will last for about 2 years. We had to fit approximately 1000 components into a very small space and 6 layers.


Technical specification:


  • 2 processors (cold redundant),  HW protection (pulse driven)
  • 6 DC/DC converters wih MPPT from each side of the satellite
  • 2 LiFePo batteries
  • Battery temperature measurement and control (thermostat)
  • Solar panels temperature masurements (6 dig. thermistors)
  • OBC, TRX can not be shut down. Over curent protection (HW, SW)
  • Switch to redundant OBC or TRX
  • ADCS, CAM, EXP, HW protection, SW protection: adjustable
  • timeout, battery low voltage protection
  • HW over protection (software configurable, set up timeout)
    • TRX  1,5A
    • OBC 0,5A
    • ADCS 1,5A
    • CAM 0,5A
    • EXP 0,5A


Radiation measurements of satellite’s critical components have been secured by RMC together with the University Centre of Electron Accelerators of the Slovak Medical University. DC/DC coverters was tested up to 150kRad

Control elements are from eGaN transistors (radiation tolerant).