SATNOGS Integration

In cooperation with company X-works we provide full integration into the SATNOGS global satellite ground stations system.

Are you more HW than SW oriented? Then let the SW part to us, we are offering to you:

  • Complete SW delivery if you do not want to deal with SW at all
  • Consultations regarding Operating System suitable for your HW
  • Safe storage of your cubesat related data in case they cannot be public for whatever reason (managed private SatNOGS installation)
  • Integration of your cubesat with SatNOGS, e.g. for SKCUBE we can easily answer following questions (all data optionally available through customizable Dashboard):
  1. Where is my cubesat right now?
  2. What observations happened today?
  3. What was the signal received during a particular observation?
  4. What are the actual data received (result of signal interpretation)?



SatNOGS is an integral part of the Libre Space Foundation. The project aims to build a global network of satellite ground stations. Designed as an open source participatory project, the hardware is straightforward to build using commonly available parts and some 3D printed elements. A ground station is built to interact with a website that holds key satellite information. The web interface allows a user to schedule a satellite observation of any of the networked ground stations.

Here you can find more information on how to get started with SatNOGS, building and operating a satellite ground station and joining the SatNOGS Network.

A SatNOGS ground station can be made in a variety of ways. The reference design uses a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle with either stationary antennas, or a rotator (either a SatNOGS rotator or a commercial amateur radio rotator). It is also possible to use amateur radio transceivers or alternative SDR technology.