Picture1: skCUBE-2 observing Gamma Ray Burst

skCUBE-2 will be a precursor or a demo mission for a fleet (Project Camelot) of at least nine 3U cubesats which shall be equipped with CsI (Tl scintillator based soft gamma-ray detectors read out by multi-pixel photon counters (silicon photomultipliers).

Each nanosatellite shall carry thin and relatively large detectors as lateral extensions on its surface, providing high sensitivity and leaving enough room for electronics. In terms of all sky monitoring, the proposed fleet will outperform all past and existing gamma-ray burst (GRB) monitoring missions. skCUBE-2 is currently under development with planned launch date in 2020.

Onboard skCUBE-2, there will be also some upgraded technologies from skCUBE-1 and new inovative “deep space” technologies. Most interesting one will be new transmitter for S and X band. Onboard skCUBE there will be also new attitude determination control system based on reaction wheels and star tracker from Spacemanic, s.r.o.

Main goals of project:

  • In-flight test Tl scintillator for future gamma-ray burst (GRB) monitoring missions
  • In-flight test of precise timing system for GRB detector experiment
  • In-flight test of new S/X communication system
  • In-flight test of new Star Tracker
  • In-flight test of new advanced, precise and smart sun sensor
  • In-flight of deployable system (solar panels)
  • In-flight of new software onboard communication protocol